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Quantitative Research

Consumer and B2B surveys to measure, classify, profile, test, and prioritize

At SAMI, we are passionate about using the right method(s) to address business objective. Nearly all good survey-based research must be customized and adapted to ensure it meets the needs of the business. Relying on solid, proven methodologies, and then adapting them to each initiative is the key to successful and effective research.

Global Leader in Advanced Analytics

Every business has a new, unexplored question. A question that – as yet – doesn’t have an answer or a traditional way to get at that answer. This is when Strategy Analytics comes into its own. Applying leading methods and creating new-to-the-world analytics ensures you’ll benefit from our passion for generating insights that best address your business issues, whether they are understanding the market, driving strategy and innovation, new product development and pricing, or branding and go-to-market efforts.

Consumer Choice Methodologies

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Whatever your business research needs, we would love to hear about them, and share our thoughts on approach.

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