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How much should we be looking behind us to plan ahead?

Is past performance indicative of future results? This question is critical when considering the way artificial intelligence (AI) is being leveraged for insights from existing data. So we have to ask ourselves, what do we need to do to ensure we accurately plan for the future when analysing what’s happened in the past? We discuss the reasons why fresh perspectives from new primary research are a necessity to develop future scenarios, even those that have been derived from AI.

Why AI is an opportunity for the Insights industry as long as the human factor remains

With all the hype and speculation about how AI will effect the Insights Industry, we share our perspectives on how we can leverage this exciting technology with the right mindset and the all-important human factor.

The growing challenge of survey fraud and how to address it

Survey fraud is becoming a real problem for the market research industry – bots and survey farms are becoming more sophisticated, making it increasingly difficult to spot fraudulent survey responses within data sets. The industry is taking steps to address the issue, but in the near term it is essential for researchers to implement their own measures to ensure high quality survey data for their clients. Here, we discuss the problem and outline solutions to address it.

Top 10 Research Pitfalls for CPG Innovation

When it comes to using research to identify innovation opportunities and optimize new products, there are some common pitfalls we observe that prevent research from having its full impact, or prevent the business from maximizing its potential.

Top 10 B2B Research Mistakes

Here are the top ten mistakes we frequently see clients making that sabotage the effectiveness of research.

Webinar Replay: COVID-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands in US, UK and China

Strategy Analytics shares our analysis and insights on the changing consumer attitudes and expectations about covid-19 impact on consumer life and technology purchases. Additionally, we evaluate how users perceptions of key brand groups have changed in the US, UK and China based on how they have handled the pandemic. Two waves of online surveys with national representative samples of adults were conducted March 21-24 and April 21-25.

COVID-19 Consumer Actions, Attitudes and Behavior Changes

How are consumers reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. Strategy Analytics carried out research in the US, UK, and China with these goals:

  • Understand awareness and attitudes towards COVID-19
  • Understand changing work, life and leisure activities
  • Capture consumer expectations on a return to normalcy
  • Determine the impact of COVID-19 on future purchase cycle for new devices
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